NFT Community — It’s Time We Stopped Undervaluing The Artists

The Rise of The Loser Club

Jay Lawpez
4 min readJan 23, 2022

How many NFTs have you bought where the artists have remained a part of the project. Can you even recall who the artists are?

It’s ok if you can’t. I can’t really tell you how many NFT’s I have bought where I am acutely aware of who the artist’s are/were.

A few do come to mind:

What do they all have in common?

All of the artists have been fundamental and have remained cornerstones of the projects since day one — And they’ve remained extremely successful projects because of it.

The loser.

J’von (aka catman aka cool sweater) — @itsjvon — born in Oakland, California, but raised in Seattle, Washington has always had an affinity for visual art, and has been drawing since a very young age. He moved around a lot during his school years, and that impacted his ability to keep a bunch of friends. His outlet, art.

A decade ago, he had left university to pursue music & art, and has been fumbling ever since.

J’von has blossomed both socially and creatively, becoming a full-fledged musician & visual artist. He focuses on living honourably, and taking care of his small family. He wants to show his daughter how powerful creativity can be.

A multimedia visual artist, a music producer, and a rapper that sings a little, he has worked hard to deserve the opportunity to be revered for his contributions to the arts. But this “loser” has not (yet) seen the success of his life-long passion.

The rise of the loser king.

@loserclubreborn is the first NFT project from artist, animator, producer and rapper @itsjvon, where the concept, story and future is and will remain completely in his (and the communities) hands.

Loser Boy

Never Cool. Never Alone.

‘Utility’, ‘game-fi’, all of these terms exist but often fail to deliver on the promises they make. But one thing remains true in this budding NFT space, and that is community.

Loser club is the creation of ‘Todd Nebula’ (J’von). He clearly was never “cool” (the best of us aren’t).

His goal — To sell art, put money back to the holders to do whatever they want, and create a hub for all losers to commune and create together.

We’re bohemian hedonists. We celebrate non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.

For real raw artwork, the real utility is behind getting to know the artist and it is the people who determine value.

Loser club is deeply rooted in contrarianism. A reflection of the present day. Being a degen.

Let’s be the new majority. It’s the loser’s time.

What’s the roadmap?

Loser Club is all about creating a hub for all Losers to commune and create together. As a reminder:

  • Doodles — Core focus at mint: “The road map for Doodles is collaborative and will be decided by Doodle holders. With imaginative ideas, adequate resources and coordination, we believe we can bring Doodles to every vertical of popular culture!”
  • Coolman’s Universe — Core focus at mint: The art, the fun, the evolution and support of Danny Casale’s dream.
  • Deadfellaz — Core focus at mint: “Here for the love of art and the evolution of gamification, IP & NFT tech.”. Community focus on memes, art and games.
200 awkward winks and RTs on this, and we will open up our discord and teach LoserJay how to wink like a civilized human…

Losers are made up of over one hundred and eighty exciting traits. Like the successful projects before us, we’re committed to building something for the long term.

Holding a Loser is your key to being a part of the LoserFund. This will be seeded with ~200 ETH from the initial mint revenue (assuming sell out), plus 50% of royalties from future secondary sales. These funds will be used to support the future of Loser Club.

The NFT community has proven itself to be incredibly talented and resourceful. The roadmap therefore, will be decided by our community with the team helping to facilitate some of the best collabs in the space.

We aren’t imposing strict deadlines on ourselves.
We’ll underpromise, and over deliver.

Collaborations and further surprises are already in the pipeline.

Join the loser club.

Beyond J’von, the core team are all doxxed and working closely with J’von to build the next must-have NFT in this space. One which truly supports its artist.

To join the Discord, follow us on Twitter, keep notifications on and keep an eye out for exclusive access events and Twitter Spaces collaborations.

Discord: By invite only (for now)



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